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The bird and the bear are back again!

The bird and the bear are back again!

With the new site announced I decided to try a new sort of review, a written review. So here’s my review of Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts for the xbox 360.


You come into Spiral Mountain 10 years after the end of “banjo tooie” to a very over weight banjo and kazooie who, with no grunty to defeat, have been sitting around watching tv, talking, and eating pizza. Until one day, grunty came back! but there’s one problem.. she’s nothing but a head! banjo waddles over to get ready to fight, then as they charge into a fight, they are both frozen! the Lord of Games (referred to as L.O.G. from here as he is mostly in the game) appears telling them that he creator of all video games, and is tired of their annoying fights. So he decides to settle the battle once and for all. The L.O.G. teleports them both to the home of his video game factory, Showdown Town. From there he makes the rules clear. you must go through different game worlds doing challenges in order to get jiggys, the first person to get 75 jiggys and open the door to spiral mountain would be the winner and owner of spiral mountain, while the loser would have to work for eternity in the L.O.G.’s game factory. He also gives grunty a robotic body, and makes banjo and kazooie fit again, He takes away all of kazooies moves and gives her a magic wrench with the powers to grab things and attack with. (the wrench is way more useful then I make it sound) But he also gives you (and grunty) access to “mumbos motors” workshop to build vehicles that you will use in game worlds and in challenges. (but he only lets you use a basic cart around showdown which can only be upgraded by winning a battle with grunty on a world.)


As a fan of the classic banjo and kazooie games I was worried I would not like the vehicle centered gameplay of this game but was surprised to find it very fun.

You drive around showdown town in your trolley cart to find the doors to different game worlds and to talk with other people around showdown town, you can also find music notes (the games currency) around showdown town and in game worlds. you get parts for the workshop from mumbo boxes laying around town that you can put in your trolley and take back for mumbo to open and show you what you unlocked in the workshop, you can also unlock parts by buying them from humba wumbas shop, as a gift from mumbo (when you reach certain amounts of jiggys), and as a reward from a grunty battle.

the vehicle builder/editor is fantastic you can build all kinds of crazy

You can build all kinds of vehicles!

You can build all kinds of vehicles!

things. an insane car with 5 jets on the back? you got it. a car with fold-able wings for when traffic is bad? you got it.

And in case you find the workshop  to hard to build vehicles , you and also buy blueprints from humba wumba and (as long as you have the parts you need) can use those vehicle automaticly built.

I like the challenges in this game too, they go from very simple to pulling your hair out hard. They have lots of different types of challenges too, everything from a simple race, to trying protect a guy as he runs.

Now I came into this game really skeptical that I would like this vehicle gameplay but find it really fun, all the different types of challenges they have and all the different vehicles you can build is crazy. I give the gameplay for this game a solid 9.0.


The controls in this game are fairly simple, the A button jumps, the X button swings the wrench for a attack, the B button uses the wrench to flip upside down vehicles, and the Y button gets in and out of vehicles. But one of the most important features is RT which uses kazooies wrench to grab items (also is accelerate in vehicles along with LT for brake/reverse) which you can walk around with or if you hold the object over you vehicle (that has a storage spot such as the showdown town cart you use, you can still place thins in vehicles with storage spots but it wont center it over it for you) it will center over the middle so you can drive around with it. along with a few other minor things the only variety with these controls is in the vehicles, if you add certain things like a egg gun or a detacher ( you can attach things in the vehicle editor to it to use and then press a button to detach when you want, I had fun with large jets that way) you can assign the X, A, or B buttons to activate your gadget.

The controls of this game are fairly quick to pick up and I can’t really find anything wrong with them, So I give the controls of this game a 9.0.


Since this a written review its much harder to review the graphics since your not watching videos of the game, so here’s a couple of screen shots.

The first world and one of my favorite, Nutty acres

The first world and one of my favorite, Nutty acres

Ahh the jiggoseum

Ahh the jiggoseum

Big truck eat little plane

Big truck eat little plane

The wonderful amuesment park of banjoland

The wonderful amusement park of banjoland

I really like the graphics in this game, and the game worlds are done beautifully. I really can’t think of anything wrong with the graphics, I’m going to give this graphics for this game a 9.5.

Glitches/Bad spots:

There are no real glitches in this game (a exploit i found in showdown town to get further then you should, but no glitches). one bad thing is, on the second game world (L.O.G. box 720) your basically in a computer, so you see tons computer chips and all that, and there’s certain things that if run into them with your car, will cause the screen to go all crazy with the colors, which is kinda cool that they thought of that, but for a long time i thought that my game disk was messed up or worse, my xbox.  This is a bad spot that has nothing to do with the game but, as I went to spiral mountain to finally finish the game (i had about 94 jiggys instead of the 75 you need), i had just gone into the spiral mountain world and was looking around, and then my xbox red ringed 😦 . (its back now though)

Extra features:

While I had this game I never did try the online so I can’t say what that was like (it looked like it would do good). But there is a small series of (one player) mini games, as you get jiggys klungo will talk to you saying to come on over to klungos arcade on the pier to try his new game (you may need to talk to him yourself and do the first one to start unlocking the new levels of the game), the game is an old 8-bit style game called “klungo savessss teh world!!” (or something like that).

this is a fun little old-school game that Klungo made for you to play. The rules are simple enough. Press A to jump. Sometimes during the game, it will crash. This is a throwback to old school gamecrashes; Do not worry about it if it doesn’t amuse you. More levels become available as you earn more Jiggys; Klungo will let you know when they are ready. To win, just make it to the Goal Flag. Typically you will just need to jump over obstacles to get to the end. Sometimes you need to time your jumps very very carefully. (the second to last level took me forever, but you get a good amount of notes from it)

There is also a sequel to the game called “klungo savesssss teh universe” that come with the DLC for the game. (i don’t have the DLC)


This game is very fun, has awesome graphics, and an ok storyline. I really loved this game. I’m going to give this game a 9.2 overall.

Buy it? Rent it? Skip it?:

This is kind of hard, I rented this game, and had to rent it twice just to get to 94 out of 130 jiggys, and that doesn’t include the DLC.

ugh this is hard. you choose. (I’m kind of leaning towards the buy, just go for it used)

just don’t skip it, this game is fantastic.



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  1. Sweet.I really like the new written review. You have definatly got to do some more Khil. Its really good. not to short, not to long, and you really give people reading it a really good idea of what the game is. Great job.

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