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Join Khil01 for his review of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Spoiler alert! May contain spoilers for kingdom hearts1. ***No idea why this was put to password protected. To whoever did it (with a good reason presumably) feel free to change it back and email me why -khil***


The game revolves around Roxas, the nobody* of Sora, who is the main character of the other games, and is created when Sora turns himself into a heartless in kingdom hearts 1. The game begins with Xemnas, the leader of Organization XII, finding roxas and inviting him to join Organization XII, a organization of nobodys trying to create “Kingdom Hearts” so that they can get a heart and become whole, and Roxas becomes the 13th member. when Xemnas finds Roxas he can’t remember anything about his past (unlike most nobodys) and barely remembers anything about the first week except the number of days he had been with the organization.

Another member of the organization Axel,  get assigned to showing roxas the ropes or “baby sitting” as he calls it. Roxas and axel become friends quickly and they make it a tradition everyday after work to go sit up on the clock tower and eat sea salt ice cream.

Shortly after Roxas joins the organization another member is added to the organization, number XIV Xion. When Axel gets sent off on a long mission, Xion becomes Roxas’ new partner for his missions, while Xion doesn’t talk and you can’t even see her face (at first), Roxas grows close to Xion, and forms a friendly trio with her and Axel.



This gameplay of this game is mission based, you start out at day 7 with 1 or more days advancing each time you complete a mission (and in some cases just watching a cut-scene).  There is a variety of missions such as killing

a certain enemy, killing a set amount of heartless, or even exploring a new area, however the missions can get a little repetitive if you complete all of them (as I did, instead of just completing the story missions), but its not too bad. A lot of the time when you go out on a mission you will have one of the other members of the organization  as a partner and will help you kill enemy’s and help direct you on where to go.

This game also uses something new to the kingdom hearts games, the panel system, where you use panels that fit into a grid to upgrade your character. Instead of leveling up,

The panel system

the panel system

you get a lvl+1 panel and by equiping that to your grid, it will raise your level by one, this isn’t just used for leveling though, any magic spell, weapon upgrade, potion,  abilty, or any other upgrade to your character must be equipped to your grid. Not all of the panels take up one  square and some can be linked to others to increase their abilty. you unlock more slots of the grid by obtaining “slot releaser”‘s  which you can get by completing missions and other ways.

there is also another mode of the game different then the story, mission mode. mission mode serves as the multiplayer mode (although not required to be multiplayer to play). once you have found a special item in story mode (in each mission) you can play that mission in mission mode and provided everyone playing together has the item, you can play that mission with friends.

(I wasn’t able to go into mission mode too much because i don’t have anyone to play it with so if you want to learn some more, check this out.)


The controls are pretty simple, the game doesn’t really use the touch screen at all except for showing a map on it along with the mission goal and progress bar, and you can rotate the view with it (but I liked using the L and R buttons better anyway). there are 3 buttons on screen, using X to scroll through them and A to select whatever button your on, the three buttons are:

the top one is usualy attack, sometimes examine.

the middle one is magic, takes you too your list of spells to use.

the bottom one is items, takes you too your list of items to use.

another feature that I loved, was the shortcut menu which is accessed by holding L and R (or by just holding L depending on which control scheme you use, i liked control scheme 2), you can assign 4 things (spells/items) to one of the four buttons on the shortcut menu. (meaning i can assign fira to the A button and thundara to the B button, and when i hold L and R and press B i will use thundara, and when i hold L and R and press A will use fira)

other then that the controls are:
Field Controls

D-Pad : Move character.
L : Switch pages in main menu.
R : Rotate camera; Switch pages in menu screen.
A : Confirm selection.
B : Cancel selection; Jump.
X : Open ability window (menu screen).
Y : Display panel slots window.
Select : Camera zoom in or zoom out.
Start : Open main menu screen.

Battle Controls

D-Pad : Move character.
L : Open magic shortcut menu.
R : Rotate camera; Target lock (tap twice).
A : Confirm selection
B : Jump
X : Cycle between commands
Y : Use equipped ability
Select : Camera zoom in or zoom out.
Start : Pause game


I thought the graphics in this game were really good (for a ds game), and I didn’t really have any problems with them. check out some pictures:


shortcut menu


most cut-scenes are like this in the game, they don't have voices.

only good cut scene pic i could find was in japanese

there are some fully animated (and voiced) cut-scenes though.

All credit goes to ign, except for the last pic credit goes to gamespot.

Glitches/Bad spots:

There wasn’t really any glitchs or bad spots that i encountered.

Replay Value:

This game is very fun, I had a ton of fun beating, after I beat it I played mission mode a little but lost interest in the game (thus why I’m finishing this review in January) after I had gone through some of them real quick (it may be different playing multiplayer).


This game has really good graphics for a DS game, super fun gameplay, and a really good story,  I’m going to give this game a 8.5 out of 10, and you should rent it now or if you’re a fan of the other kingdom hearts games, buy it now.



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