Meet the Team

The team:

In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune.  If you have a problem. If no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire, The A Team.

Wait wrong team. This is the Wiilike2review team.

Link6694: The head Honcho, He reviews mainly Wii and DS reviews but will review more consoles in the future…

Khil01: The supervising Producer for Wiilike2review and Senior Wiiviewer. He is planning to do alot more reviews in the written form on this site.

RoboRise: Special Effects Engineer And the Senior PC Reviewer

Knight Of Ninja (KON): Junior Playstation Reviewer

Calc84Maniac: Calculator & Homebrew Leader

Wolf1225: Junior Wiiviewer

FireFalco20: Senior Ds Reviewer

Jwitt1: Senior Playstation Reviewer

SnitzelcatEO66: Sophomore Wiiviewer

Blasterjenx27: Reviewer of Xbox360 Reviewer & Freshman Wiiviewer

Countryboy44443: Xbox360 Reviewer

(Insert Username Here): PC Reviewer


Yep so if you have any feedback for them post a comment below.


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  1. freshman “wii” reviewer. haha just kidin


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